In my early days of schooling with regard to trading currency, I was introduced to a man known only as Emene. He taught us that trading was similar in many ways to surfing. He said much was feel and visual. I accepted the concept and began to see those similarities and my trading improved.

I never had aspirations to be a great trader good would be AOK with me. I rationalized and simply made excuses for failing to seek excellence.  Not sure why but this past week I visited a site named ALUX and I decided to take the advice offered there.  These words of wisdom are offered here. When you have a truly excellent teacher hang on every word. So to, I say thanks to Ken Emene and Ifmyante.

Go to the shore and sit at the edge of the waves about 6 inches under the water. Notice the power of the waves. Most of them simply lap gently toward the shore. But then a wave comes and has power to move your body first up toward shore and then back toward the ocean. There is the lesson.  Forex markets have a power that comes from liquidity and time of day. Just as a surfer selects the best wave so too should a trader select the best time to trade.

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