Trading Consultants Inc is evolving again. Traders will now have total control of the PAMM master for the day from Frankfurt open  ’till Frankfurt close EVERY THIRD TRADING DAY.

Jake Gibson was the first up in our new process. Obviously, as any father would be …   I am proud of my son for charting his path choosing that road less traveled. He lives and works in paradise…. namely Juno Beach, Florida where he focuses on his family, his faith, his friends and his claim of freedom. He is a graduate of and continues his studies with Nial Fuller.  He coined the phase taking what the ” loyal dog (Forex) gives us.”  you can recognize his trades as they carry .2 as an ending digit of his lot sizes.

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Next up was Jon McGraw, a war veteran who returned after two tours in Afganistan to earn his engineering degree from UNCC. Jon loves the environment and focuses on a career that allows him to serve the world with clean water solutions. He too is a graduate of as well as the first  ACE trader in the brief history of Trading Consultants.  Jon has a passion for riding the “dragon”.  aka GBPJPY but is especially adroit at the process known as scalping. Jon’s trades end with a .1 to lot sizes.

Jon 01 of 04

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Finally, it was the old man of our team “Nosbigs”.  A long and varied past that spans from 1974 and a career that included  US Steel Corporation, Lehman Brothers, Houston, Oppenheimer & Co, Houston, to a career with  Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools retiring to be a trader and founder of Trading Consultants Inc in 2013. My trades carry a .3 ending lot size.

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So what did the traders’ week look like? Results are essentially consistent with our trading plan.

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We have about  8% unrecognized loss. Our trading plan allows a 12% URL with all positions clearly in defined zones set for continued harvest when trading resumes on Sunday.  We have $733,000 of margin used or about 14% of our capital. Hedged positions protect against uncertainty for about 80% of all open positions.  DAX 30, and the dragon GBPJPY  represent the majority of the open positions with a bias upward for DAX and downward for GBPJPY.

As we conclude the week, we are pleased to announce Gil Ben Hur and  Emene both Ace Traders from Ace Gazette have agreed to become consultants to our team. We hope to conclude agreements with them for a more defined trading responsibility in Q2 of 2018.

Emene has given us the wave theory and Gil Ben Hur is simply a magician with indicators and trading precision.

What does our future hold? We trust our faith, our family, our friends, and our claim of God’s freedom and do not question the future. We simply enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the greatest Republic ever created by mankind.

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