There are few traders in the Forex Universe better “riding the dragon than our Exec VP of trading Jon McGraw. Traders are warned to avoid this pair due to its unruly nature.

GBPJPY This pair is a favorite of our Exec VP of Trading Jon McGraw. At $1000 dollars per hour this trade is the essence of a scalping trade.


When we are “feeling the charts” we will probe for a bottom. Here Jake Gibson uses small size to do so. Notice we did not open long. We must have zone confirmation from H4 or higher to do so WE find that H1 is where bottoms and tops often occur so we are on watch for Gold to have bottomed.

Here of President Jake Gibson uses small size to prob for the “bottom of GOld CFD’s

Trading Consultants Inc has multiple trading platforms, PAMM accounts, (PAMM system is a service of collective investing in Forex market. The PAMM system (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a special set of Forex trading accounts used by traders to manage their own funds and joint capital of investors (other traders). European and US accounts with prime brokers. We can assure investors their money is “safe”  market and trading risks exception.  We offer these trades as representative of the week By no inference of implication are they all or the best of what we do in a single week. We welcome your comments and inquiry on any of them .with the contact sheet below.

Jon McGraw is a true professional and shows his stuff with GBPJPY H1 zone to zone

While these trades are not pretty They were effective revealing a “temporary” top prior to the NFP on Friday 10/6/2017. Jake Gibson seems to be always probing for tops and bottoms. 


Gold CFD



We trade seeking evidence of order imbalance We found it here. EURAUD M30

We love the DAX 30 and often are trading at 2:00 AM eastern standard time. Our trading model is currently hedged with a bias short. 

The oils are a source of  constant whale shenanigans as there are many sources of analysis all usually coming from “Judas goats” Thy to avoid the news and trust your zones   WTC H4 a pending order .after a closed trade.WTC H1  Dax M15 GBPAUD M30 awesome zone trade We are now bearihs on EURUSD  will  price retrace back to 1.05 Our weekly tells us yes Time horizon 14 weeks. AUDJPY M15 Because we missed the close we will not make this a longer-term trade.

A DAX set up with with great RR. Notice we do not hide the unrecognized loos from our clients. Once you understand our plan you will love the benefits. DXY H1 hanging around the 94 level with 100 on my mind EURUSD  H1  Nice continuation trade to Zone  

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