Trading Consultants Inc. Weekly Review July 21st

-2017-07-21 09_50_-Forex Factory

Truthfully man does not his capabilities until he does what others think impossible. With steady hand  we are near to a break even for the account. Stay tuned we may have even more surprises in store.

The week brought more success. Nearly 50% of our open positions are positioned for decline of the British Pound, and our charts still remain clearly in agreement monthly . Now the pundits are piling in to our talking points. Reminder we trade from the monthly charts. thus unrecognized loss can be quite high at times as we leverage modestly and await success patiently.

Closing results: WE 7/14 URL -$632,000 ,Margin 398.41% ,Balance $1,344,234.01 ,Equity $706,012

Closing results: WE URL 7/21 URL  -$436,614 , Margin 554.45% , Balance $1,361,655.05 ,Equity $914,040.36

A review of some of  the  pairs open Week Ending  July 21st

  • EURAUD  4 lots short  The weekly demand exhausted early  and decline continues. The monthly supports that view.  1.37 target
  • EURAUD-2017-07-21 17_14_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - EURAUD,Weekly
  • -2017-07-14 17_17_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - EURAUD,Weekly
  • EURCAD 4.5 lots short Weekly supply has a strong bearish engulf. Now that is followed by a nice three black crows formation.  easy to see 1.40 or less.
  • EURCAD -2017-07-21 17_14_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - EURCAD,Weekly
  • -2017-07-14 17_18_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - EURCAD,Weekly
  • EURUSD Short Hard to see we are considering possible break out except Draghi is talking again  and so sure enough the pundits agree with us from last week.
  • -2017-07-21 15_53 Euro to fall 7.5%
  • -2017-07-14 17_19_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - EURUSD,DailyGBPCAD 3 lots short  WE have successfully navigated back from a substantial loss position to  MODEST 3 LOTS  -$1733 WITH A NEW “WAR” STRATEGY.
  • GBPCAD -2017-07-21 18_16_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - GBPCAD,Monthly
  • GBPJPY  32 lots short Position is 200% over plan as we set our sights on a nice return. The “dragon ” is a very crafty pair but we should tame him to 140 and perhaps 130 before roaring back to 161.
  • GJ 32 lots short
  • -2017-07-21 18_20_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - GBPJPY,Weekly
  • Controlling PA -2017-07-14 17_06_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - GBPJPY,Monthly
  • GBPUSD  3 lots short
  • -2017-07-21 15_51_-Sterling to fall 15 percent on slowing UK growth, BoE inaction_ Voya
  • PA -2017-07-21 18_25_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - GBPUSD,Daily
  • controllling PA -2017-07-14 17_02_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - GBPUSD,Monthly
  • USDJPY  hedge net 7 lots short current PA Combo Engulf from weekly Supply .
  • PA -2017-07-21 18_27_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - USDJPY,Weekly
  • Last week we shared this chart
  • Controlling PA -2017-07-14 16_59_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - USDJPY,Daily
  • DAX 30  partial hedge 3.5 lots short all three TF are in agreement.
  • DAX 30 PA -2017-07-21 17_08_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - .DE30Cash,Weekly
  • controlling PA -2017-07-14 16_54_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - .DE30Cash,Weekly


All pairs and CFD’s traded can be seen there if you are  Forex Factory member and a buddy of TurtleMan.

  • Jon, and I occasionally Adam as our newest intern review our trade created charts. We agree on one for each pair that is the consensus choice for what is the current Controlling PA.   By design we rarely add verbiage to our charts.
  • We review leverage and size of all open positions.for an update regularly for our leverage at 17 to 1 as  of  Sunday prior to market open  You can check here. Trade report  If the link is not available you can view the entire account access via this portal used by commercial accounts to showcase their strategies and results.TurtleMan’s 51566 Trading Consultants Inc
  •  We meet via Skype or in person at 4-6 PM EST ( 9-11 PM GMT ) to smoke a great cigar and have a single shot of a nice single malt.
  • After review, we conduct a board meeting that takes about 15 minutes then we are done.
  • Until next Friday follow us daily on Facebook 

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