Trading Consultants Inc  Monthly Planning Review for July

Trading Consultants Inc begins each month , Jon, and I and occasionally Adam and Rick doing their own chart work that begins with the 8 step process we show here.

Step 1 Determine direction from Monthly Line chart …..

There are 4 answers up down range or unsure If unsure we do not trade that pair for the month.

Step 2  Examine Monthly candle chart for PA

Here we take the same chart and begin to seek PA  Price action ( candle patterns with any chart thru H4

Step 3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 for weekly chart

here we repeat steps 1 and 2 for weekly charts

Here we find both direction  and Price Action

Step 5 & 6 and 7 & 8 are repetitions of steps 1 and 2 for the daily and H4 Timeframes.

This is completed for every pair and CFD our broker offers for trading via Forex. So no Futures’ hassles, no commodities weird names.

After this we have a listing of pairs eligible for our traders to consider and trade with PA and zone from H4 through Monthly Trading Monthly PA is not recommended for traders using margin as the zones are deep and reaction very broad. We review existing positions for action during the following month.

We have shown with earlier blog posts each and every pair for a monthly review. Going forward we will simply highlight some key charts .

Now here are the pairs for April  2017 and the controlling PA chart

DE30Cash,Monthly,Monthly Ranging from 12500 to 9500 - CopyDE30Cash,Monthly,Monthly Ranging from 12500 to 9500

Day 16 will begin with PA 3-2017-06-30 16_28_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - .DE30Cash,Daily
DAX 30 7.5 lots short with PA downward from weekly supply


EURAUD,Daily, Daily supply special Controlling PA 2017-03-28 13_23_56-51566_ - CopyEURAUD,Daily, Daily supply special Controlling PA 2017-03-28 13_23_56-51566_EURAUD,Monthly Ranging from 1.63 to 1.38EURAUD,Monthly Ranging from 1.59 to 1.23

PA -2017-06-30 16_47_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - EURAUD,Weekly


EURCAD,Monthly 2017-04-01 11_33_33-51566_EURCAD,MonthlyEURCAD,Monthly, Ranging from 1.53 to 1.30

PA -2017-06-30 16_50_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - EURCAD,Weekly

EURCHF,Monthly, Ranging from 1.11 to .98EURGBP,Monthly2017-04-01 09_53_20-51566_ Bear Engulf with 2 months retracementEURNZD,Monthly, Uncertain stop losses in placeEURUSD,Monthly, Ranging from 1.15 to 1.04GBPAUD,Monthly Controlling PA 2017-03-28 13_23_56-51566_GBPAUD,Monthly, Downward

PA -2017-06-30 16_53_-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - GBPAUD,Weekly
June 30 close

GBPCAD,Monthly, DownwardGBPCHF,,Monthly, Demand uncertainGBPJPY,Monthly 2017-04-01 11_23_39-51566_ GBPJPY,MonthlyGBPJPY,Monthly, DownwardGBPNZD,Monthly, UnsureSoybean,Monthly 2017-04-01 11_45_45-51566_ Soybean,MonthlyUSDCHF Monthly .Controlling PA Bear Engulf with 2 months retracement MonthlyUSDJPY,Monthly, Ranging

Fortunately we do not spend what we earned .
Our margin closed at $161052 about 17 to 1
We have amended our rule of 5% to accommodate what we believe is a solid position in DAX 30 short. as well as  GBPJPY short position.  All other positions are within our trading plans .

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