Trading Consultants Inc. Weekly Review April 21st

Trading Consultants Inc and its partners will always share the facts as  we believe them to be.  The surprise election that was called by PM May was the kind of event that always seems to take all but the elite by surprise. These events are why we rarely use more than 10% of our margin so that when its needed to handle the surprise we can deal with it rationally and without emotion. For the first time since we began this public demo we are annualized at a negative return.  That is a return of -11.2 %  Some observations are important to us as we always strive to improve . Nearly 50% of our open positions are positioned for decline of the British Pound.  and our charts still remain clearly in agreement . We have been able to miss the dollar decline but failed to capitalize on that decline as none of our monthly charts were convincing enough for us to take action

A review of pairs open April 21th

Pair                                   Size Position (Full Position about 10 lots plus minus 2 lots)

  • Dow 30 CFD              5 lots short  approximately -41K
  • AUDCAD                    9 Lots  short  – 19 K      (900,000 of contracts )
  • AUDJPY                      1 Lots short
  • AUDUSD                     no position
  • Dollar INDEX CFD   no position currently
  • EURAUD                      3 Lots short
  • EURCAD                      5.5 lots short
  • EURCHF                      2 Lots short
  • EURNZD                      7.5 lots short
  • EURUSD                      6.5 Lots short

  • GBPAUD                     16 Lots short

  • GBPCAD                      10 Lots Short
  • GBPCHF                      .5 Lots Short
  • GBPJPY                        5  Lots  long
  • GBPNZD                      7.5 Lots  Short
  • GBPJPY                       20 Lots Short
  • GBPUSD                      3.5 lots short

  • USDCHF                      2 Lots Short
  • USDJPY                       9 Lots Long   -33K

2017-04-21 18_06_44-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - AUDCAD,Monthly2017-04-21 18_07_56-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - GBPJPY,Weekly2017-04-21 18_09_05-51566_ FXChoice-Pro Demo - Demo Account - USDJPY,DailyDE30Cash,Weekly 2017-04-21 18_02_20-51566_DE30Cash,Weekly

All pairs and CFD’s traded can be seen there if you are  Forex Factory member and a buddy of TurtleMan.

  • Our traders, Jake, Jon, and I occasionally Adam as our newest intern review our trade created charts. We agree on one for each pair that is the consensus choice for what is the current Controlling PA. Some are shown here  By design we rarely add verbiage to our charts.
  • We reviewed leverage and size of all open positions.for an update regularly for our leverage at 12 to 1 as  of Sunday prior to market open  You can check here. Trade report  If the link is not available you can view the entire account access via this portal used by commercial accounts to showcase their strategies and results.TurtleMan’s 51566 Trading Consultants Inc
  •  We meet via skype or in person at 4-6 PM EST ( 9-11PM GMT ) to smoke a great cigar and have a single shot of a nice single malt.
  • After review, we conduct a board meeting that takes about 15 minutes then we are done.

Margin Level is 632.99 %  $151,321.08  controlling about 16MM. dollars of currency  and contacts in pairs, CFD’s, and Dow 30. Our unrecognized loss is $371,730.58 about 2.3 % of our open contracts.

Net equity $957,842.33  representing a -11.2% APY.

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