Trading Consultants Inc Weekly Review March 27th

Trading Consultants Inc and its partners admit candidly that March continues to vex us short term.  The unrecognized loss is  now 224K. While it’s small relative to our open contracts value, there are those who use these times to proudly suggest this process can not work. The detractors are having a field day yet we remain committed to this process.

No matter these  detractors remain as th the foolish dudes …..

These are the conventional traders and investment advisors that sing the song of riskless investment  they sell “riskless rates of return” while collecting their 2 % management fee.  Such fools follow these fellows follow these people as they are unable to embrace change.

However, consider this simple fact. We have closed trades currently of plus $278,426. If we closed all positions we would still have $54,730  of  positive returns for the period of Dec 5th thru March 24. 5.4%    APY of 18.9% . Through March we have increased our review of positions and taken steps to close any position that meets our 5% rule. Even now as we review not one position is within 10K of that position. We have reviewed each and every position  as we maintained our trading discipline. We have over 95% closed trade success.

As we had positioned for an event mid-Month, we acknowledged that we forgot the rule “never anticipate always allow the whale to lead”. However, our review shows solid PA for all positions  so we are not concerned.

  • A review of pairs open for the Month of March

Pair                         Size Position (Full Position about 10 lots plus minus 2 lots)

  • Dow 30 CFD              5 lots short
  • AUDCAD                   11 Lots  short
  • AUDJPY                      1 Lot Exploratory
  • AUDUSD                    2 Lots short
  • Dollar INDEX CFD   no position currently
  • EURAUD                     11 Lots short
  • EURCAD                      4 Lots short
  • EURNZD                      7 lots short
  • EURUSD                      4 Lots short
  •  GBPCAD                      8 Lots short
  • GBPCHF                   .  3 Lots  long
  • GBPJPY                       11 Lots Short
  • USDCAD                     Hedged 3 Long 5 short
  • USDJPY                       Hedged 5 Long 9 short


2017-03-25 09_32_56-51566_ .DE30Cash,Weekly

All pairs and CFD’s traded can be seen there if you are  Forex Factory member and a buddy of TurtleMan.

  • Our traders, Jake, Jon, and I occasionally Adam as our newest intern review our trade created charts. We agree on one for each pair that is the consensus choice for what is the current Controlling PA. Some are shown here  By design we rarely add verbiage to our charts.
  • We reviewed leverage and size of all open positions.for an update regularly for our leverage at and 9 to 1 as  of Sunday prior to market open  You can check here. Trade report  If the link is not available you can view the entire account access via this portal used by commercial accounts to showcase their strategies and results.TurtleMan’s 51566 Trading Consultants Inc
  •  We meet via skype or in person at 4-6 PM EST ( 9-11PM GMT ) to smoke a great cigar and have a single shot of a nice single malt.
  • After review, we conduct a board meeting that takes about 15 minutes then we are done.

Margin Level is 845.25 %  $124,783 .05  controlling about 14MM. dollars of currency  and contacts in pairs, CFD’s, and Dow30. Our unrecognized loss is $223,695 , less than 2%% of our contracts.

We earned about $13,622.51. on our closed trades for the the month . Net equity $1,054,730.87  5.4% for the Period Dec 5th thru March 24th  that represents an 18.7% APY.

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