74 Trades: 95% winners, 2%, Net Profit over last 30 days.

We challenge any traders in the world to beat this result for any trading 30 days with a minimum of 70 trades. Additional requirements imposed by our client include

Max Drawdown 5% or less

Margin use: Never more than 2 to 1   Modified to 10:1 02/2017

No single loss greater than 1/2%

Our actual results are displayed here and we will provide and audited result to any accredited investor who seeks one.

2017-01-08-07_38_03-05Please notice the overlap  339.18 to 301.00


Again an overlap from 88.11 to 82.23 2017-01-08-07_38_03-03

Again we overlap the screen shots -367.81 to -352.562017-01-08-07_38_03-022017-01-08-07_38_03-01

So who will accept the challenge? ?

We completed this result to win a major account who said that what we asserted could never be done. Now we accept the challenge to duplicate or improve. If we earn 4% in the next 30 days our investor adds another 1MM. If we maintain this level for 1 year we can earn 1 sizeable bonus. Stay tuned. This is our demo account 51566.  Results can be sliced and diced at Forex Factory  http://www.forexfactory.com/turtle*man 

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