Two Weeks in December 52 wins and 2 losses. You can do this….

Since Sunday, December  4th through close of business Dec 16th. Our results from a beginning balance ($5000.00 USD) account are a challenge to you all as well as encouragement that you can do this …… The results are shown as first closed trades ordered by the closing date for WB Dec 4th followed by Equity Curves. (2 two parts) and then the same order for  WB Dec 11.

MetaTrader displays



Part 2

equity-curve-dec-4-9WB 12-11



As Christmas draws near our team …Jon, Jake, and I wanted to express our deepest appreciation to those who are following our work. We understand that Forex Trading may seem difficult. If these concepts were easily mastered everyone would trade.  There are so many varied and diverse locations of advice much of it suspect.

So we decided to give our readers a short course in how to learn Forex.


  • Learn the Language.  We recommend the school of pipsology. Its free and allows you to study correct basics. You must learn the language.
  • Hang out in Forex Trading sites. We recommend Yes a lot of information but we can recommend several threads that are solid …lurk and learn while you avoid commenting for several weeks.  That’s enough time to then get involved.
  • Open a demo account and do not trade live until you have consistent results.
  • Create a trading plan that clearly explains your process and Reward to Risk ratios you will work toward.
  • Watch the whipsaw song. Ed Seykota will inspire you to be free.
  1. After you complete these steps you are invited to contact our firm. We will teach you for free. (under the condition that once you graduate from our tutorials you agree to teach people as we taught you.)




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