EURUSD is now a fully developed trade  as we have our retracement and entry in size. Web show our targets   but we may cut earlier at the areas of congestion.

12/5/2016 closed at congestion area with small trades still open with small loss.

Calling a bottom
EURUSD entry as we are Calling a bottom 11/24
EURUSD Update 11/29
EURUSD Update 11/29
EURUSD Harvest continues
EURUSD Harvest continues..12/5 ………



There is rarely a time to call a bottom when the call  is worth the risk . Here we have an exception.  Our monthly analysis has a ranging direction. Today Nov 25th we have the appearance of an engulfing after a Doji .  So …we enter a position with size . Below you have a monthly chart with marks and the daily chart . Both created prior to NY opening today around 6:00 Am EST. Trading Consultants Inc initiates a prize  pool creation .

From now till Dec. 15th all traders posting their analysis of this trade will have a chance to win $100 USD and a Trading Consultant Inc Polo. Post in the comment section and our readers will judge to analysis for the final decision by Dec 31st.




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