AUDCAD Weekly results and open trades

Forex Markets  are Consistent …if you are patient enough to allow the trade to breath .


In Oct we offerred our readers our AUDCAD trade of the month #2 . We explained in detail why we had made our decisions. Today we offer an update on the results of that trade along with rationale for additional entries as the trade progressed.


Entry 1  Rationale Look left to the circled pin rejections  Small size as  the zone was in danger of being consumed. (Our actual account charts no longer show the zones)

Entry 2  Pin rejection small size review of decision

Entry 3  Pin rejection larger size after review of past weeks activity

Entry 4 Pin rejection with retracement thats when we were so very confident we could make a substantial increase in size and benefit from our patience.

We have additional entries that will be used to capture the bounty we believe exists . with the money on the accounts we are now  working withn house money making the risk far more easy to accept .


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