11 Ways to Evaluate Success as a Trader.

EURUSD H4 Sell from Pivot Max

There is a saying that is true in any related endeavor . “Success breeds success” Application in trading is relevant here .  Success can be achieved in many ways as a trader .

Trading Consultants Inc  has these..What does success look like for you ?

  • Were your clients pleased ?
  • Did you maintain the discipline to your trading plan?
  • Did trading results advance your life goals ?
  • At the end of the day were your trading objectives advanced?
  • Are you free?
  • Is your family  well provided for ?
  • Do you feel secure in the ways that matter?
  • Did your work help your fellow man?
  • At the day’s end were you pleased with your results
  • Will you sleep well tonight?
  • Do you look forward to tomorrow?

The chart shows a simple trade EURUSD H4 Sell from the pivot max to the  turning point pivot

builds confidence

For the maker of the pivot-indicator to more actively offer it to others.

For the trader who called the turn and took action .

For the client who is watching trying to determine his path forward as a trader or as the passive investor with us at the control.

For us that what we are doing is building “something to leave behind”



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