Make Your Daily Bread with Weekly Planning.

Trading Consultants Inc. has a structured process that works well for our team . The structure has given us consistent success. with adequate time to enjoy our success Neither my son nor I desire lavish lifestyles. This reality we can thank family  influences that focused our thoughts on quality of life .

Today I will be broadcasting live from our Facebook  page and showing you step by step how we prepare for our week  I purposed t do this during trading hours so hopefully we can see some fireworks as well .

So visit us today at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time  I will post charts for the 4 pairs we ill examine today. We will study with EURGBP EURUSD USDCHF and USDJPY . I have the monthly and weekly charts that we will discuss today at 5:00 PM Eastern Time

                                  Face Book Event Link

56477_-eurgbpmonthly-2016-10-02-05_00_14-reversal-at-supply56477_eurgbpweekly-2016-10-02-05_08_2856477_-eurusdmonthly-2016-10-02-04_49_45-ranging56477_-eurusdweekly-2016-10-02-05_04_2556477_-usdchfmonthly-2016-10-02-04_47_00-ranging56477_usdchfweekly-2016-10-02-05_05_5256477_-usdjpymonthly-2016-10-02-04_58_08-ranging56477_USDJPY,Weekly-2016-10-02 05_07_17.jpg

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