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TRADING CONSULTANTS INC. Reward to Risk Calculations

Trading Consultants Inc always uses a monthly chart to determine direction. Our entry and exit is based on price action from H4 and Higher . The chart below offers a huge Reward to Risk Calculation as well as being in the weekly time frame. There is a great deal of satisfaction when a trade completes in a complete travel from Demand  Zone to Supply  Zone  When trading a pair that is ranging the lower time frame zones allow this kind of target shooting  with the targets and stop losses  being preset.

For those who were schooled with Ace Gazette you will recall how we would ask Ken how he could take  a trade prior to Price Action being indicated.

Recall  we like engulfs with retrace or a evening or morning star . Here we have illustrated our calculation of a  Reward to Risk calculation .

We have a fresh zone with a  a first challenge  and a huge  advantage to the downside . over 900 to 72 so over a 11 to 1  ratio The calculations are shown in the chart as pips  with each pip about $1.00 USD  Check back and we will post the closed portion but it could take weeks so be patient


Risk Reward is always considered
Risk Reward is always considered




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