Trading Consultants Inc. Discusses Forex Sunday

Trading Consultants Inc. invests 2 to 3 hours usually on Sunday afternoon  studying our Forex charts. Our process depends on establishing our firm commitment to the following question … Is a pair’s price trending or  ranging? If we can not state our answer with confidence and offer our charts as evidence we simply pass on that pair . This question is asked monthly for each pair so only the pairs we have answers T or R are considered So our Forex Sundays begin with review of  the monthly charts pre determined Then review of charts weekly daily and H4for those  positions to validate our current beliefs. 

We then examine our open positions  for exposure to market risk then determine trading possibilities for the coming week. 

Based on weekly PA or Daily PA that list is then set aside for use during the week which begins Sunday at 6:00 pm for us 

Usually we complete our reviews independently and post into our cloud. We only discuss those charts we feel offer great opportunity . Thus two sets of eyes doing the work independent of the other .  

Today the sunrise was simply one of the best we have captured. Good luck this week 

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