Trading Consultants Inc. discusses Our Daily Bread Philosophy.

Over the brief but successful history , Trading Consultants Inc. has used Biblical principals to guide our trading. I expect some to be critical of my statement adding that faith and business should remain separate.

We contend that separation of our national faith  from our National daily life has led to the problems we face as a nation. The Globalist have colluded to take away our most powerful guide to life. So we decided that we should bring it back in our own lives .

However since we turned to Forex trading to escape the burdens of the global model of asking our people to be working harder taxed higher and in general feel indentured to process and debt.

As we looked to our options almost anything available gave us more exposure to global control. So …

we began to seek a way to work effectively and productively yet with reduced need for hours and oversight.

We found Forex trading as our answer. I began study in late 2011 and was blessed to meet Ken Mann and Michael Emene who mentored and guided my son and I to adequate result. We are not great traders despite our tag line Amazing Forex Traders. But we are now free because of our results. That freedom is the amazing part.

In my opinion the level of Ken and Emene and another GilBen Hur takes many years of intense and dedicated study and experience.   I once saw Ken Mann double and account in less than 7 days Returns can be huge for the truly gifted.

But for us We wanted to have a process that gave us our Daily Bread

So that’s our goal We trade to be able to support our salaries prior to trading In both our cases  that was a good middle class income My son was a yacht first mate working for a very wonderful man who had retained an Aussie Capt that My son truly admires and respects.

Here are two examples recently completed that clearly shows our philosophy. Notice that there was much more to be captured but recall we set em and forget em content with daily bread  300 daily x 20 days 6k monthly 72K annually 50% more than my last annual salary from CMS.

Trading Consultants Inc trading philosophy is illustrated here.
Trading Consultants Inc displays 2 trades that provide “daily bread”

I was able to retire early from a teaching position in the CMS Charlotte NC  system (April 2013)

Today my son was able to be present through his wife’s pregnancy and has been a true blessing to his son as he had been there daily for his son’s first year.

I travel ….do social media …champion social causes and now seek additional students to share this gift.

This is the essence of our daily bread philosophy Taking a minimalist’s  approach that is the answer to one of the requests of our 23rd Psalm KJV . This keeps us void of fear and greed always thankful always seeking things and endeavors that are consistent with His desires for our lives.

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