Trading Consultants Inc.                                                         Price Action Pin Rejections and Engulfing Candles

Trading Consultants Inc makes decisions based on a process that begins with Monthly Time Frame Supply and Demand Zone Charts with proprietary indicators created by several of our friends. Emene, Gil Ben Hur , Yanni have assisted us in created a foundational tool set for our work. We often thank them.

For our Training interpreting Price action and Candle Patterns  we have gained from several but notably Steve Nison.

However reading technical patterns is subject to a viewers interpretation .  For us the Pin rejection and engulfing candles are the most reliable   among our favorites. You can Google search for a precise definition or take some  free training from Mr Nison here. for each or Candle Chart Academy by Nison.

Pins followed by engulfing candles rarely fail.  We post an active example here.

Stay connected for final close.

Trading Consultants Inc EURJPY Price Action Pin Rejection and Engulfing


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