Trading Consultants Inc Discusses Closing a Trade Prior to Target

Trading Consultants Inc has two qualified traders that are assigned to each client we represent. Clients occasionally ask what causes us to close prior to a target being reached .  This action typically occurs  after a weekend review. The reasons are numerous but fall into 2  main categories .

  • Technical charts have given a new more recent Price action
  • Better options available

Here a GU trade taken on Friday mid day that stalled midway to target  and after the opening Sunday night remained tight . So we decided to close and reopen 1/2 size position.


Trading Consultants Inc  Closed GU trade
GU Closed prior to target

Here below the decision to close was also made but no 1/2 entry was added back We show charts in different times to suggest that trading Time Frames requires knowledge that one chart never holds the key . Successful trading requires review of several for entry and exit decisions.

GBPUSD H1 Closed prior to target
GBPUSD H1 Closed prior to target

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