Trading Consultants Inc Discusses Limit Orders


When Trading Consultants Inc places limit orders they are placed without the benefit of price action candle formations. Therefore the RR must be much higher as you can see from the two pending orders . As we begin the Month  we recall that most investors will gladly accept 17-25% annually and  thats only 1.25 to 2% monthly . So losses which will occur can be taken here as the RR is huge  over 7 to 1 . So look left for guidance and notice what price did at the level in previous times. Notice for trade 1…   4 times price went down  and only twice did it move upward   I leave the decision of trade 2 to you .If  Trade 1 fails the likely hood of trade two working is much higher as it would be the first test of a fresh zone . Recall Trading Consultants Inc trades from monthly zones . AUDUSD is trading in a range from 67 cents to 80 cents so trades in either direction eventually will win.

08-31 02_22_14 53633_  AUDUSD,Weekly-2016-08-31 02_22_14

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