Once Trading Consultants Inc clients  determine there is a clearly defined range, we “Make alot of money and we sleep at night” Stops are easily set. By the phrase #Trading lower time frames we take  trades that are  at various levels in the zones. We can be wrong and still be right. Thanks to Forex friend and mentor  Ed Seykota and the Trading Tribe.

Here you have both examples of our process:

  •  Trades that are open… the combined amount .8 is about full position for this account at 100K starting balance  …
  •  Trades that are limits orders at the extremes of our defined range.

Trading Consultants Inc  always has a  goal of  catching and riding a trend from beginning to end.

So we place limit orders in about 1/10 of a position when we think we may be approaching the time for the “whale”  after a long directional move that may take 11 to 15 months to complete is ready  to surface or dive again .

Trading Consultants Inc trading Stacked demand and supply zones

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