Trading Consultants Inc :                                                 GBPUSD H4  Drawdown Illustration

Trading Consulants Inc trades using monthly time frames. This strategy  does create occasional drawdown pain.

Notice the 8/24 sell @1.3182.Price goes up over 100 pips to 1.3282  before the expected reversal occurred my son Jake Gibson saw price action on H4. He then  took the second of two trades @ 1.3232. The drawdown was 100 pips x @4.00 per pip or $400. about 4/10%

Eventually price responded as anticipated.  We closed both trades today.

Now you will see a very tight stop loss on the 8?24 trade.The SL was moved as created at 2:30 PM EST to avoid the ricochet in the event price retraced  as its seems to be doing. Also we try to remove all exposure over a weekend  to minimize risk . So while we have a short bias to 1.30 GPBUSD  we chose  to clear exposure with a small profit .


GBPUSD  H4 Drawdown Illustrated
GBPUSD H4 Drawdown Illustrated

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