Trading Consultants Inc  CHFJPY Inverse Logic

Trading Consultants Inc trading Supply and Demand requires  you think like a “whale”. A whale is defined as any entity that can move the currency market with a single action by cents not pips.

Our strategy and process relies on our knowing where the whales are locating and where they  intends to go. If he dives we dive… if he surfaces we surface… always with the whale.

So below is a chart that we keep current  for use as a training example .

When you are able to consistently make this trade we call “inverse logic” you have completed one of our requirements to earn your badge.

If you would like to become our client visit and consider our value propostion.

2016-08-24 08_42_11-26606_CHFJPY,Daily-2016-08-24 08_42_11

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