Trading Consultants Inc. asserts that Forex  combines skill  with artistic interpretation.,  Knowing when to enter a trade is always subject to  uncertainty that must be managed. Achieving success requires a blend of quite confidence with humility. Our trading needs  identification of zones that we call supply and demand zones. On the chart below you see we entered at the top of the “supply zone” area (we believe sells are likely to have success)and closed automatically deep in demand ( area where we expect buyers to act. ) Now how we make these decisions are the product of years of study and practice.(yes I said practice).

Both my son and I  still even in our sixth year maintain demo accounts that we use to perfect our craft and outcomes. I am pleased to announce that our class is again filled  with Cristi Lopez Paez joining Adam, Jan and Jon as our students. Welcome Cristi . For those who remain interested we will post here as well as in FB and Twitter our trades that reflect excellence .

AUDUSD H4 Supply to demand
AUDUSD H4 Supply to demand Classico

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