EURUSD:Nearly 100 pips

Our work for clients is exactly the same work we do for our own accounts. How do you know this . We match your commitment of your capital with a commitment of our own in the same account. Ask us how we accomplish this you will be amazed. We are consultants not managers of money. We let you see what we are doing and then you can decide to take the same trade in your account. Therefore we are Trading Consultants Inc.

53633_EURUSD,Weekly-2016-08-16 12_07_56


The reality fo trading Forex successfully is only a consultation away The way to know is to ask and be open to clarity . Knowledge without understanding blocks many from success.

Again look at this same trade taken  on 8/10 in another client account. Notice the TP was hot here. as aopposed to having the trade above having a higher target. When client A saw the post of the Target hit the client elected to close. Our clients have access to their accounts in real  time and can make decisions along side our consultation. We also review each trade and give a teaching session after all trades are closed .

EURUSD,Weekly-2016-08-17 08_55_09 Teaching chart


USDJPY :Nearly 200 pips

53408_ USDJPY,Weekly-2016-08-16 12_04_43

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