The 2016 Year End Reflections

There can be a  great joy for many as 2016 ends for 2016 was a tedious year for most currency traders. If you were on the wrong side of oil you were wiped out.For us,  2016 was a good year not great as except for oil there were mostly ranging pairs.We offer a long-term chart for EURUSD and some comments. For the folks who follow us send us your thoughts on why we highlighted areas 1 thru 6. Notice  we have been ranging for some time 1.15 to 1.05 with the minimum being breached this month so what’s next time will tell but it’s our sense that while the world yells dollar strength a whale demand zone is being created .so we are hedged in all accounts with shorts to parity and longs being scaled in all the way down if we go .

Oct 12th 2017 Looks like our call was pretty decent so now today we call the decline . Price went 5 cents beyond our range so we see a new range 1.20 to 1.08 for 2018eur-monthly